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MEP Services

GEMAC expertise reaches across all sectors of the construction industry, providing pragmatic and practical design solutions to ensure projects are successful, efficient and sustainable.


Air Conditioning







Power Distribution


Lighting Protection

Telephone & Data

public health

Water Distribution

Sewage & Drainage 

Sewage Treatment

Surface Water

life safty

Fire Alarm

Sprinkler Protection

Emergency Lighting

Smock Control

Fire Suppression

Water Garden City


Consultancy Services

GEMAC are the consultancy of choice for many leading developers for design services, expert technical advice, due diligence or simply the reassurance of a second opinion.

  1. Design and Supervision of Building Services
  2. Infrastructure Design and Supervision
  3. Project evaluation and feasibility study
  4. Energy Audit and Energy Modeling
  5. Energy conservation studies
  6. Sustainable Energy
  7. Building Services Condition surveys
  8. Peer Review
  9. Value Engineering
  10. Project Appraisal 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering systems such as heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation create the optimum conditions for people and processes. GEMAC recommends and designs the systems using the most appropriate technology to achieve optimum conditions. Water, electricity, air steam and gas are all mediums used to create these conditions, but whatever system is utilized it must be co-ordinated to blend in with the overall design concept of the building.


Electrical Engineering

Lighting is often the most visually identifiable engineering system but this is only one of numerous critical systems that ensure buildings operate to suit occupiers and user’s needs. High and low voltage power distribution, earthing systems, lighting protection and security all require experienced consideration. Highly specialist areas including the generation of essential and uninterrupted power supplies are now more commonplace in the design process.


Public Health Engineering

In any building, health and hygiene systems are an often unnoticed, yet an integral part of the structure. Designs must ensure that drinking and cold water is supplied safely, installed correctly and hot water systems, essential for hygiene are available. The efficient removal of foul water and sewage is equally important to the welfare of occupants as is the drainage of rainwater and surface water in order to protect the building fabric. GEMAC consider all these factors in the design process.


Life Safety Systems

Life safety systems design takes an integrated approach to the protection of building occupants. Critical life safety systems must include early warning systems to enable speedy evacuation and will include emergency lighting, fire detection alarm, smoke control systems and fire suppression systems, such as water sprinkler or gas extinguishers.

Public Health
Life Safty
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